Getting Custom Hawaii Cruise Packages

Hawaii cruise packages are a great way to custom tailor your Hawaii cruise vacation experience for any occasion. Honeymoon cruise packages won’t be right for a family, and the reverse is also true. When you start shopping for your Hawaii cruise vacation packages, you should have an idea of what the packages actually offer. These do vary from line to line, but in most cases they are relatively similar. Here’s a quick run down of average Hawaii cruise packages and what they include.

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Honeymoon Packages

Hawaii cruise packages can be an incredibly romantic and relaxing way to start off any marriage. When you book a honeymoon Hawaii package specifically you will be guaranteed a more romantic experience. You may pay extra for these packages, but they can be well worth the money. In almost all cases the honeymoon cruise packages include a stateroom that is upgraded from the standard rooms. You may have an ocean view or a private balcony with these. You should also expect champagne in the stateroom and flowers. Tables for 2 are also available and those with the best cruise deals will have priority for these. Some Hawaii cruise packages will also include personalized momentos of your experience. You may get to take home plush bathrobes, engraved champagne flutes, or silver photo frames. A few of the cruise lines will also offer couples massages, in room food delivery, and even a reception with the Captain.

Hawaii Cruise Packages for Families

Hawaii family vacation packages are great for those with children. These Hawaii cruise packages are designed to keep kids occupied and parents happy. Family activities bring everyone closer together and allow everyone to have a memorable experience. Most cruises offer babysitting services, but a family package may give you priority in booking this. The babysitting services have to be booked in advance since they will fill up quickly. Some cruise lines will offer tickets to onboard concerts and shows as you cruise to Hawaii. This is a great way to enjoy time with your children and keep them busy at the same time. A lot of cruise lines offer activities for the kids to do on their own as well. If you sign your child up for a youth activity, you can go enjoy some down time in the lounges or by the pool. The children will be able to meet other kids their age and just play. Snacks and drink packages are also usually included in family cruise packages too. This can save you quite a bit of money.

Singles Cruise Packages

Singles Hawaii cruise packages are gaining popularity. As people look for more interesting ways to meet that special someone, a cruise can provide a great backdrop to just that. You’ll be pampered and made to feel great, and get to meet other people who are in similar situations. Most singles cruises do offer different amenities. First of all, the singles cruise packages are usually offered on ships that are equipped for a more ‘nightlife’ type atmosphere. You’ll find clubs that are high energy to dance the night away. You’ll also find quiet coffee bars and restaurants that allow you to get to know others a little better. Singles cocktail mixers are also quite common on these Hawaii cruises. One thing to keep in mind with these cruises is the room situation. All cruises are based on at least double occupancy rooms. You can choose to bring  a friend along with you, or pay extra for one of the few single occupancy staterooms available. If you are going alone, have the cruise line find you a roommate. Many cruise lines, such as Princess cruises will offer some type of match program that will help find you a suitable bunkmate. They don’t just toss someone in the room with you. They actually have you fill out a questionnaire and based on those responses find other singles of the same gender to match you up with. You have to do this early if you want to be guaranteed a suitable match.

There are other types of cruise packages available to Hawaii as well. You can find packages for weddings, family reunions, and many other occasions. If you do a little research you can find the perfect Hawaii cruise packages for any event.

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